You bring the BIM, CENTERLINE builds the PIM 

Across every phase, from anywhere, CENTERLINE gives you and your teams 24/7 access to a generative Project Information Model (“PIM”) that builds accurate and dependable information about what’s been done, what’s in progress, and what’s left to do.

 As your project progresses, not only does CENTERLINE organize and store mountains of information, but it is constantly building intricate cross-references that enable intuitive connections and insights that help your teams focus on what’s important and avoid missing crucial updates. Featuring real-time information tracking and document delivery, automated notifications and reminders, Centerline helps you manage risk, increase efficiency, and streamline communication. 

It’s time for you to have a powerful tool that can manage all of your project information from design through closeout. 

Design Phase File Sharing and Task Management

Simple file storage and sharing, unlimited data, and powerful task management keep your whole team focused and organized.

Bidding & Procurement

Total Bid Phase management with document distribution and electronic bid submission via CENTERLINE BidConnect, our public-facing companion plan room site.

Construction Administration

Conform drawings and specifications, build and manage the Submittal Log, RFIs, Change Orders and much more…with integrated Bluebeam and sync to Procore.

Close Out

Create and Manage Punch Lists, Closeout Submittals, As-Built drawing management, and O&M data.

Design Phase File Sharing and Task Management

Store everything and share it with anyone. The CENTERLINE File Manager allows unlimited data storage and one-click sharing of information, along with detailed activity logging. 

The Task & Share Manager allows you to set and manage tasks for team members, including multi-part sequential tasks, with due dates and variable priority levels. It’s never been easier to assign and review everyone’s responsibilities quickly and efficiently. 

Bidding & Procurement

CENTERLINE has a public-facing companion site called CENTERLINE BidConnect. CENTERLINE users (either on a single project basis or as part of a CENTERLINE Pro subscription) can publish Bid Packages to the CENTERLINE BidConnect plan room site for easy, traceable distribution of Bid Packages to interested parties on a public- or invitation-only private basis. 

CENTERLINE BidConnect allows contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to self-register, log in, access project Bid Documents. We allow them to view and download at no cost. They can designate themselves as Prime Bidders, and submit RFIs and Substitution requests directly through the site. 

When it’s time to submit a bid, CENTERLINE BidConnect provides easy-to-use secure, encrypted electronic Bid Submission with a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

All activity is recorded and traceable, so the planholder list is always current and accurate, allowing for the easy distribution of Addenda that delivers the confidence in knowing that everyone is working from the most current information. 

Construction Administration

A single point of truth for the whole team. CENTERLINE wasn’t built to take the place of your record, or their record – it was built to become THE record. 

Start by automatically building a conformed set, adding the whole team to the project, and scanning the project manual to build the initial Submittal Log. Then add support for RFIs and the entire lifecycle of Change-related documents: PCOs, RFCs, CCDs, WCPRs, and of course Change Orders. CENTERLINE automatically calculates the current Contract Amount and Scheduled Completion date as Change Orders are approved and keeps everyone focused on an On-Time and On-Budget completion. 

At the jobsite, in the office, or anywhere in-between, CENTERLINE allows you to create and manage Field Reports, Punch Lists, and more. Build a Field Report right from your phone or tablet – snap pictures, add captions, and send. 

Contractors love Centerline because it’s so easy to use, but if they are already using Procore, CENTERLINE supports round-trip syncing of RFIs and Submittals from projects in Procore during construction. 

With powerful integrations with Bluebeam and Adobe Acrobat, your teams can markup drawings in the applications you use now and seamlessly work in Centerline. 

Close Out

When it comes to Close Out, CENTERLINE provides powerful tools to manage the Punch List, As-Built Drawings, Close Out Submittals, and Operation & Maintenance data. 

CENTERLINE can automatically build a log of all required Close Out submittals, including Warranty Information, Maintenance Materials, Operation Manuals, and more. The Close Out Submittal Log then becomes a checklist that makes it easier than ever to review information and see what’s outstanding. 

Punch Lists are even more powerful with the ability to pair on-site photographs with marked locations on a floorplan, all from the palm of your hand. 

And the completion of all of these items can be tied to Pay Applications throughout construction so that you actually have a platform to help you collect and record Close Out information as work is completed instead of trying to collect it all at the end of a project. 

When we say that CENTERLINE helps you TAKE CONTROL of your projects, this is what we mean. 

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